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SimCity Buildit Cheats for iOS 2022: Tips and Tricks to Build Your Dream City

simcity buildit cheats ios 2022


SimCity Buildit is a city-building simulation game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) for iOS and Android mobile devices. Since its release in 2014, it has gained popularity among gamers of all ages. The game offers players the opportunity to build and manage their own virtual city from the ground up. Starting with a small residential area, players must expand their city to attract new citizens and create more infrastructure to support their growing population. SimCity Buildit iOS 2022 is the latest version of this game, which comes with a host of improvements over its predecessors. With more features and better graphics, players can expect a more engaging and immersive experience. Though the game is free to download and play, it is common knowledge that it includes many in-app purchases. This means that players will have to spend real money to get the most out of the game. This can be frustrating, especially for those who are not willing to spend their hard-earned cash to unlock new items and buildings. This is where SimCity Buildit cheats come in. They offer players a way to bypass the in-app purchase system and gain access to all the resources they need to build their cities. However, it is important to note that cheats, by definition, are not legit methods of playing the game. They can be seen as cheating the system and may result in players losing their progress or getting banned from the game outright. Therefore, it is important to use them wisely and carefully. In this article, we will discuss the various cheats that are available for SimCity Buildit iOS 2022 and how to use them safely and effectively. We will also highlight the benefits of using SimCity Buildit cheats and why they are essential for players who want to progress through the game without spending real money. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how you can build your dream city with SimCity Buildit cheats.

In the next section, we will take a closer look at the gameplay of SimCity Buildit iOS 2022 and what it takes to build your own city from scratch.

Understanding SimCity Buildit Gameplay

SimCity Buildit is a popular city-building game that rolls out new versions annually. This game can be downloaded for free, and players can embark on the journey of building and expanding their cities in a virtual reality setting. The game mechanics are easy to comprehend, and it is a good fit for gamers who enjoy creating their own virtual world.

The basic principle of the game is to create a thriving city that attracts more citizens. Players start by building a few basic residential structures and community buildings. As you progress, you can unlock more buildings, roads and other infrastructures that will help your city grow.

To build a successful city in SimCity Buildit, you need to ensure your citizens are happy. This means you must provide them with basic necessities like water, electricity, healthcare facilities, education, and recreational facilities. Once you establish these basic facilities, your population will start to grow.

Each time you build or upgrade a building, you earn experience points which help you level up. As you level up, you unlock more buildings, and you will also be rewarded with SimCash and Simoleons. SimCash and Simoleons are essential resources that can be used to purchase rare items and unlock premium buildings.

One of the most important aspects of the game is resource management. For instance, to build a residential building, you need to have a certain number of raw materials like wood, metal, plastic, and cement. You can either purchase these raw materials from the in-game store using SimCash or collect them by exporting goods or by participating in the trading post.

SimCity Buildit also features disasters that can occur randomly or when you reach a new level. These disasters can be in the form of fires, earthquakes, pollution, or alien invasions. You must build emergency services like fire stations, police stations, and hospitals to tackle these disasters.

Another key feature of SimCity Buildit is the Global Trade HQ. This allows you to sell items and resources that you don’t need and buy resources that you require from other players. This is an excellent way to obtain resources while making some Simoleons and build a thriving economy for your virtual city.

In conclusion, SimCity Buildit is an engaging city-building game that involves creating a beautiful city from scratch. Effective management of resources, attention to the citizens’ needs and wants, disaster management, and engaging in trade are some of the key features that make it an exciting game. Understanding the game mechanics is crucial if you want to build a successful city and advance to higher levels.

Why SimCity Buildit Cheats are Essential

SimCity Buildit is a widely popular mobile game that has kept players entertained for hours. The game is essentially a city-building simulation, and the objective is to build and manage a city with the resources available. As much fun as the game may be, it can also be very challenging. Players need to develop various strategies to grow their cities and maintain their citizens. This is where the importance of using cheats comes in.

There are many reasons why SimCity Buildit cheats are essential in 2022. We all know that mobile games have a reputation for having in-app purchase systems that are used to limit progress and encourage players to pay to unlock levels. Although this system can be beneficial to game developers, it can be frustrating for the players. With cheats, you can bypass the in-app purchase system, enjoy the game without limits, and progress faster.

One of the benefits of using SimCity Buildit cheats in 2022 is the ability to generate unlimited resources like SimCash and Simoleons. These are the primary currencies in the game that are needed to build infrastructure, upgrade buildings, and provide services to citizens. Without enough SimCash and Simoleons, it is impossible to develop and maintain an effective city. However, with the use of cheats, players can generate an unlimited amount of resources, which they can then use to build their dream city.

Another advantage of using cheats in 2022 is the ability to obtain rare items and access exclusive buildings. These items and buildings are not easily accessible, and they are usually locked behind in-app purchases. However, with the use of cheats, players can unlock these buildings and items without having to pay for them. This makes the game more fun and enjoyable as they can access things that they would not have been able to access.

Furthermore, SimCity Buildit cheats in 2022 can be used to increase the population and attract more citizens to the city. The more citizens a city has, the more resources it generates, and the more it grows. However, attracting citizens is not easy, and it requires the creation of jobs and other necessities to keep them happy. With cheats, players can create jobs and other necessities instantly, significantly speeding up the process of attracting more citizens to their city.

In conclusion, using cheats in SimCity Buildit on iOS devices in 2022 is essential. Cheats can offer unlimited resources and help players build and manage a dream city while bypassing the in-app purchase system. Cheats can be used to obtain rare items, unlock exclusive buildings and attract more citizens to the city. The benefits of using cheats in SimCity Buildit outweigh the risks, and they can be used to make the game more fun and enjoyable.

Top SimCity Buildit Cheats for iOS 2022

SimCity Buildit is an entertaining and addictive game that allows you to create and manage your city. However, building a city from scratch can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when you need to gather enough resources to expand your city. Fortunately, there are various SimCity Buildit cheats available online that can help you bypass the in-app purchase system to acquire unlimited SimCash and Simoleons instantly.

Below are some of the best SimCity Buildit cheats for iOS 2022 that you can use to improve your city-building experience:

1. SimCity Buildit hack tool One of the most popular cheats for SimCity Buildit is the hack tool. This tool is available online and can be downloaded for free. The hack tool is designed to modify the game files to allow players to enjoy unlimited resources, including SimCash and Simoleons. With the SimCity Buildit hack tool, you can quickly generate large amounts of resources, which can help you expand your city and unlock rare items. However, it's essential to be cautious when using the hack tool, as it can get your account banned if detected.

2. SimCity Buildit money cheat The SimCity Buildit money cheat is an excellent way to generate money for your city quickly. The cheat involves buying and selling items in the Global Trade HQ to earn profit. Simply buy low and sell high to accumulate a substantial amount of money. With enough money, you can build and upgrade your city without worrying about running out of resources.

3. SimCity Buildit SimCash cheat SimCash is one of the most important resources in SimCity Buildit as it's required to speed up the game's progress. However, SimCash is expensive, and the in-app purchase system isn't friendly to players who don't want to spend money in the game. The SimCity Buildit SimCash cheat is designed to generate unlimited SimCash for players, allowing them to speed up their city-building progress.

4. SimCity Buildit Simoleons cheat Simoleons are the primary currency in the game and are required to build new buildings, upgrade existing ones, and purchase items. The SimCity Buildit Simoleons cheat allows players to generate unlimited Simoleons instantly, making it easy to expand and upgrade their city without worrying about running out of money.

5. SimCity Buildit Golden keys cheat Golden keys are a rare currency in SimCity Buildit and are required to unlock special buildings and landmarks. However, golden keys are hard to come by and usually require players to complete challenging tasks or spend money in the game. The SimCity Buildit golden keys cheat offers players unlimited golden keys, allowing them to unlock rare buildings and landmarks quickly.

6. SimCity Buildit population cheat The SimCity Buildit population cheat allows players to increase their city's population without worrying about the required resources. With a higher population, players can unlock more buildings and generate more income, making it easier to build and expand their city effectively.

In conclusion, SimCity Buildit cheats provide an easy and convenient way for players to progress in the game and build their city efficiently. However, it's essential to use cheats cautiously, as some cheats can get your account banned or cause other issues. So, if you decide to use cheats, ensure that you do not abuse them and always download them from reputable sources.

How to Use SimCity Buildit Cheats Correctly

Using cheats can be a great way to progress quickly and achieve your city-building goals in SimCity Buildit for iOS 2022. However, it’s important to use cheats carefully and correctly to avoid any risks that may come with it. Here are some tips on how to use SimCity Buildit cheats the right way:

1. Use only reputable websites for cheat downloads:

When downloading cheats or hacks for SimCity Buildit, make sure to only use websites that are well-known and trustworthy. Avoid downloading cheats from unreliable sources to prevent any unwanted malware or virus from infecting your device.

2. Choose the right cheat:

There are many different cheats available for SimCity Buildit, and each one offers its own unique advantage. Choose cheats that are relevant to your current needs and goals in the game. For example, if you want to increase your city’s population, look for cheats that allow you to attract more citizens.

3. Use cheats in moderation:

While cheats can help you progress faster in SimCity Buildit, it’s important to use them in moderation. Using too many cheats at once could disrupt the balance of the game and make your progress seem unrealistic. It’s best to choose cheats that only provide small boosts to your progress and use them sparingly.

4. Don’t make it too obvious:

Using cheats too obviously could put your game account at risk. To avoid any suspicion from the game’s developers, use cheats in moderation and avoid excessive or repeated use of the same cheat. Keep your cheat usage natural and subtle to make it seem as if you’re only playing the game normally.

5. Stay up to date with the latest updates:

Game developers frequently release updates to address any issues or bugs in their games. Cheats may work differently or may not work at all after a game update. Make sure to stay updated with the latest version of SimCity Buildit and its cheats to avoid any conflicts or glitches.

6. Use cheats at your own risk:

While using cheats can be tempting, it’s important to keep in mind the risks that come with it. Cheats may disrupt the game’s balance, lead to suspension or ban of your game account, and put your device at risk of malware or virus infection. Remember to use cheats at your own risk and only use them if you understand the potential consequences.


Using SimCity Buildit cheats for iOS 2022 can be a great way to build your dream city and progress faster in the game. However, it’s crucial to use them responsibly to avoid any unwanted risks. By following these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of SimCity Buildit cheats while keeping your game account and device safe.


SimCity Buildit Cheats for iOS 2022 can be a game-changer when it comes to building your dream city. The benefits of using cheats include unlimited resources, rare items and buildings, and increased population to attract more citizens. These advantages will ultimately lead to faster and more efficient city-building, making SimCity Buildit a more enjoyable game experience for players.

However, it is important to use SimCity Buildit cheats responsibly and correctly. Although cheats can help bypass the in-app purchase system and progress to higher levels quickly, there are potential risks involved. Cheating can result in being banned from the game, and losing your progress. It is also worth noting that overuse of cheats can lead to gameplay becoming monotonous, as the challenge of building a city can be lost.

Nonetheless, using SimCity Buildit cheats can enhance your gameplay experience and provide countless hours of fun. With an increasing range of cheats available, finding the right options can be a task. But, with a little bit of research, players can uncover the best resources for SimCity Buildit cheats for iOS 2022.

The key takeaway from this article is that using SimCity Buildit cheats for iOS 2022 can be of significant benefit for players who want to excel in the game. Whether you are new to the game or an experienced player, you should consider using cheats to make city-building a more efficient and enjoyable process. However, it is essential to approach cheat usage with caution and responsibility. Follow the tips we have outlined to use cheats safely to progress rapidly, without running the risk of getting banned from the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your dream city with SimCity Buildit cheats for iOS 2022 and watch your city thrive!

Frequently asked questions

Mobile game cheats are unauthorized methods that players use to gain an advantage in a mobile game, such as unlimited lives, infinite coins, or access to paid features without paying for them..

No, most mobile game cheats are against the terms of service of the game and are considered cheating. Using cheats may result in the player being banned from the game or facing legal consequences..

Many websites and forums offer mobile game cheats, but using them is not recommended as they can harm your device, may not work, and can also result in your account getting banned..

Yes, using mobile game cheats can potentially harm your device by installing malware, viruses, or spyware. It is advised to not use cheats from unknown sources..

It depends on the cheat. Some cheats are easy to use, while others require technical knowledge and may harm your device..

No, using cheats can ruin the gameplay experience for yourself and others. It is best to play the game as intended and earn rewards fairly..