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Boost Your SimCity BuildIt Game Score with These Powerful Cheats for Android

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Introduction to SimCity BuildIt Cheats for Android

SimCity BuildIt is an exemplary city-building game developed by Electronic Arts. The game is available for Android and iOS devices. It has become one of the most popular games on the Google Play store, with over 50 million downloads and counting. SimCity BuildIt is free to download from the Google Play store, but in-app purchases are available for players who want to speed up their progress. However, some players want to maximize their gaming experience without spending a dime. That’s where SimCity BuildIt cheats for Android come in handy.

Gamers have discovered various cheats to help them progress in SimCity BuildIt. These cheats can help players earn unlimited Simoleons, SimCash, keys, and platinum keys. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular SimCity BuildIt cheats for Android. But, before we look at the cheats, let's take a quick look at what SimCity BuildIt is and why it's worth playing.

SimCity BuildIt is a city-building game that challenges players to build and manage a virtual metropolis. The game is a perfect mix of strategy, creativity, and city management. Players start with a small plot of land and a few thousand Simoleons to build their city. They must build residential, commercial and industrial zones, and provide essential services such as power, water, and waste management for their citizens.

As the game progresses, players must manage their city's resources carefully. They have to balance the needs and wants of their citizens with the city's financial situation. It's essential to keep the Simoleons flowing as the city expands and modernizes. The game can become quite challenging, especially when the player unlocks the higher levels. That's why some players turn to SimCity BuildIt cheats to help them progress in the game.

In the next sections, we'll explore some of the most popular SimCity BuildIt cheats for Android. We'll explain how these cheats work and how they can help you to level up faster and gain an advantage over other players.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats for Unlimited Simoleons

Simoleons are the primary currency in SimCity BuildIt, and you need them to build and maintain your city. As your city grows, the amount of Simoleons you need also increases, making it challenging to progress without spending real money. However, there are some SimCity BuildIt cheats for Android that you can use to get unlimited Simoleons quickly. Here are the cheats you need to know:

Hack Using Lucky Patcher App
Lucky Patcher is an excellent app for Android users to modify games and apps. The app can remove in-app purchases and ads, enabling you to use games and apps freely without any restrictions. You can use Lucky Patcher to hack the SimCity BuildIt game on your Android device and get unlimited Simoleons. The hack involves creating a custom patch for the game, which enables you to get an unlimited amount of currency. First, download and install Lucky Patcher on your Android device. Then open the app, find SimCity BuildIt, and select the "Create Modified APK File" option. From there, select the "APK Rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation" option and click "Rebuild The App."

Use SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk
Using a modified version of the SimCity BuildIt game is another cheat you can use to get unlimited Simoleons. A modded apk file is a modified version of the original apk file that includes additional features or cheats. To use this cheat, you need to download and install the SimCity BuildIt mod apk on your Android device. Once installed, open the app, and you'll have unlimited Simoleons to build and expand your city.

Connect to Facebook
While this isn't straightforward, it's a useful way to get a few extra Simoleons. When you connect to Facebook in the game, you can earn Simoleons by sharing your achievements and milestones with your friends. You can also get free SimCash when you invite your friends to play SimCity BuildIt.

Visit Daniel's City
In every game of SimCity BuildIt, there's a friend's section where you can visit your friend's city and collect rewards. In this section, enter Daniel's city, where you'll find a lot of Simoleons lying around unprotected. You can grab these Simoleons to boost your currency.

Join a Club
Another way to earn Simoleons is to join a club. In the club, you can participate in chat boxes, and you are eligible to avail club reward bonuses. You can also buy items using a special currency available in each club.

Complete Achievements and Daily Tasks
Completing achievements and daily tasks is an easy way to earn Simoleons. Go to the task menu to see what daily tasks are currently available to you. Once you've completed them, you'll receive rewards such as Simoleons.

In conclusion, these SimCity BuildIt cheats for Android will help you to get unlimited Simoleons and enable you to progress through the game quickly. However, not all cheats are fool-proof, so use them with caution, and at your own risk. Always check the legitimacy of the source before you download anything on your device.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats for Unlimited SimCash

SimCash in SimCity Buildit is a highly valuable resource as it allows you to speed up the production of goods, expand your city limits and unlock special items and buildings. However, earning SimCash through regular gameplay can be quite difficult and may take a long time to accumulate a substantial amount. That’s why players are always looking for SimCity Buildit cheats to earn unlimited SimCash, and we’ve got you covered with some of the best ways to earn unlimited SimCash in this section.

The first way to get unlimited SimCash is to use a SimCity Buildit hack. There are many hack tools available online that allow you to generate unlimited SimCash. However, it’s essential to use a reliable hack tool that doesn’t harm your device or game account. Always read reviews and research before using any hack tool.

Another way to get unlimited SimCash is to complete tasks and challenges in the game. The game offers daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that offer SimCash as rewards upon completion. You can also participate in events to earn more SimCash. You should prioritize completing tasks and challenges with SimCash rewards to accumulate SimCash quickly.

Selling items in the trade depot can also earn you unlimited SimCash. If you are producing lots of items but don’t have space to store them in your storage, you can sell them in the trade depot. Ensure you sell them at a high price and wait for a buyer willing to pay that price. You can also purchase items at a lower price from other players and sell them at a higher price for a profit.

Another way to accumulate SimCash is by watching advertisements in the game. SimCity Buildit offers players an opportunity to earn SimCash by watching video advertisements. Watch these adverts to earn free SimCash.

Finally, you can earn unlimited SimCash by using a SimCity Buildit mod apk. A mod apk is a modified version of the game that offers unlimited SimCash and other resources. However, downloading and installing mod apks can harm your device and game account, so always be cautious and only download mod apks from reliable sources.

In conclusion, earning SimCash in SimCity Buildit can be challenging, but with the above-given tips, you can generate unlimited SimCash and make your gaming experience more enjoyable. However, always be cautious when using any cheat or hack tool and only use them from reliable sources to ensure the safety of your device and game account.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats for Unlimited Platinum Keys

Platinum keys are the most coveted currency in SimCity BuildIt, as they unlock specialized buildings, landmarks, and regional currency exchange centers. Obtaining platinum keys can be a tedious process, as players are required to complete various achievements and challenges. However, there are certain cheats that can enable SimCity BuildIt players to obtain unlimited platinum keys. Here are some of the most effective and powerful SimCity BuildIt cheats for unlimited platinum keys.

Complete Contest of Mayors Challenges

SimCity BuildIt's popular Contest of Mayors challenges provide regular opportunities to win platinum keys. Players can enter the contest by participating in themed challenges and building specific structures. The higher players rank on the contest leaderboard, the greater the rewards, including platinum keys. To maximize the platinum key rewards of the Contest of Mayors challenges: - Focus on building high-value buildings that satisfy the challenge criteria fully. - Complete every challenge as soon as it becomes available. - Upgrading Contest of Mayors buildings produces more points, leading to more rewards.

Activate Mayor's Pass Premium Subscription

SimCity BuildIt allows players to activate a Mayor's Pass Premium Subscription, which can grant weekly and monthly rewards of various kinds. By subscribing to the Premium Pass, players can obtain a regular supply of platinum keys, allowing the building of essential structures and unlocking unique landmarks.

Use SimCity BuildIt Hacks

Cheating is not the preferred way of obtaining resources in SimCity BuildIt, but if players want to obtain unlimited platinum keys quickly, it could be the only feasible option. SimCity BuildIt hacks are modified game files that activate cheats and exploits automatically, giving players unlimited platinum keys without completing any tasks. Before using hacks for SimCity BuildIt, be aware of the risks and consequences. Scams and malware pose a significant threat when attempting to install hacks, which can also corrupt save files or have accounts banned.

Utilize SimCity BuildIt Hack Tools

Players can also use hack tools to gain unlimited platinum keys essentially. Unlike manually entering cheat codes, hack tools are simple to use, require no coding experience, and are less risky than installing hacks. These hack tools come in the form of online generators, which prompt players to enter their SimCity BuildIt username and the amount of platinum keys they want. The hack tool then generates the required platinum keys, which appear in the player's account balance.

Join a Club

Joining a Club can also offer many benefits, including faster and easier ways to obtain platinum keys. Players can interact with other players to share resources, collaborate on building projects, and obtain Club points to redeem prizes. For example, players can obtain Club War Chests regularly, which contain rewards such as platinum keys, simoleons, and epic items.


These are some of the most effective cheats and tips to obtain unlimited platinum keys in SimCity BuildIt. While hacks and hack tools exist, it's best practice to explore ways to obtain platinum keys legitimately. With these cheats, SimCity BuildIt players can build the cities of their dreams without waiting for months to unlock essential structures, landmarks, and trade with other players.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats for Unlimited Platinum Keys

Platinum keys are one of the rarest and most valuable currencies in SimCity BuildIt. These can only be obtained by completing special in-game events and tasks, which are sometimes time-consuming and challenging. However, there are some cheats and tricks that players can use to get unlimited platinum keys in a few easy steps.

The following are some SimCity BuildIt cheats for unlimited platinum keys:

1. Participate in Contest of Mayors

Contest of Mayors is a special in-game event that players can participate in every week. This event offers a variety of challenges and tasks that can earn players special rewards, including platinum keys. Players can earn more platinum keys if they reach higher levels in the contest, as well as earn unique buildings and other rewards. Therefore, players should focus on participating in Contest of Mayors to earn platinum keys.

2. Collect Vu Tower Items

Vu Tower is a unique building in SimCity BuildIt that can unlock disasters that players can deploy on their cities. When players deploy disasters and rebuild their cities, they earn Vu Tower items that can be used to upgrade Vu Tower. Players can earn platinum keys by upgrading their Vu Tower to higher levels.

3. Watch Video Ads

Players can earn platinum keys by watching video ads in SimCity BuildIt. Although this method does not offer unlimited platinum keys, it is still an easy and handy way to earn some extra keys. Players can watch video ads regularly to earn more keys.

4. Use SimCity BuildIt Cheats

Players can use SimCity BuildIt cheats, such as hacks, mods, and exploits, to earn unlimited platinum keys. However, players must be careful when using cheats since these methods violate the game's terms of service and can result in account bans or permanent game restrictions. Therefore, players should only use cheats from reliable sources and take precautions to protect their accounts.

In conclusion, platinum keys are one of the rarest and most valuable currencies in SimCity BuildIt, and they can be difficult to obtain through normal gameplay. However, with these cheats and tricks, players can obtain unlimited platinum keys, and use them to build bigger, better, and more prosperous cities. Players should follow these tips carefully and enjoy the game without risking their accounts or violating the game's terms of service.

\Conclusion: Maximize Your Gaming Experience with These SimCity BuildIt Cheats for Android\

SimCity BuildIt is an engaging city-building game that can keep you entertained for hours. The game requires strategic planning and management skills to build a bustling city. However, the time and effort required to progress through the game can be a daunting task. Luckily, with the use of SimCity BuildIt cheats for Android, you can expedite your progress and unlock everything the game has to offer.

In this article, we have highlighted several cheats for SimCity BuildIt that will allow you to enjoy the game with newfound freedom. Cheats like unlimited Simoleons, SimCash, keys, and platinum keys can help you overcome some of the game's most challenging obstacles and unlock unique features.

By implementing these cheats, you can focus on building the best possible city without worrying about your in-game currency running out. You can unleash your creativity and focus on designing a city that reflects your imagination.

It may seem like using cheats takes the challenge out of the game, but it doesn't. Cheating in SimCity BuildIt has its own consequences, and it doesn't mean that you will win the game without any effort. What it does mean is that you can tweak the game to your liking and maximize your gaming experience.

However, it is worth noting that there are potential risks involved when using cheats of any kind. While most cheats are safe to use, there is still a chance that they could harm your device or put your data at risk. It is essential to research and download cheats from reliable sources to avoid such dangers.

In conclusion, SimCity BuildIt cheats for Android can provide you with a game-changing advantage that lets you focus on what you love about the game - crafting an amazing city. With these cheats, you can break free from the limitations imposed by the game and make it easier to achieve your goals. Just remember to use caution and only download cheats from reputable sources, and you can fully enjoy SimCity BuildIt.

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